August 2016 Workshop

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We have the awesome Judith and Kibble coming to deliver a day of workshops on Saturday 6th August. Followed by an evening social.

6 hours of lessons during the day with levels increasing throughout the day.

As a guide:

Level 1
You're very new to social dancing
Level 2
You're still getting comfortable with social dancing
Level 3
You've got the hang of social dancing but want to firm it up and feel more confident
Level 4
You're happy social dancing, but stick to stuff you know and want to spice things up
Level 5&6
Will be aimed as a challenge for more experienced/confident social dancers

You can choose any combination of 1 hour lessons based on where you think you sit on the level range:
2 lessons = 15
3 lessons = 20
4 lessons = 25
Lessons will run between 11am - 7:30pm - full schedule to be confirmed.
+ + + includes entry to the social in the evening + + +

everything is taking place at our usual class venue - the Boat & Horses, Trent Road, Beeston, Nottingham

* * * Booking Now Open * * *

numbers will be strictly limited to ensure a good balance of leads & follows, so please book early or with a partner


Join the facebook event for more up to date details.

Who are the teachers?


Judith started swing dancing in 2011 while at university and hasn't stopped since! With a trained dance background in ballet, jazz and tap, Judith took quickly to all things swing. She has placed in a number of national lindy hop competitions and has taught workshops and classes around the UK. She teaches with high energy and enthusiasm, focusing on lead/follow technique, social dancing, and above all else . fun!

Kibble started Lindy Hop in early 2010. With a strong emphasis on quality of movement & timing, he excels on the social dance floor. However complex, simple, large or small, his moves are fluid and borne from the music. His teaching style has been described as clear, precise and in-depth, his dancing style incorporates quality of movement and freedom that inspires and encourages his follow.

Judith and Kibble have been dancing together since November 2012, after discovering they have a similar passion and shared ideologies for the dance. They regularly attend dance camps, events, and compete where ever they can and are part of a London based dance troupe, the Hotfoot Strutters.
Judith and Kibble have taught in locations across the UK including London, Liverpool, Bristol, Hull, Durham, Sheffield and Leeds. Between them they have also taught internationally at Barcelona, Germany and Poland.


email Nottm Swing Dance Soc @ gmail . com for more info...



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