Change of Venue
After 10 years at the Festival Inn, Trowell, we are moving to 'The Boat & Horses' in Beeston to take advantage of Tram / Train and easier access for our dancers. Closed for much of April but re-opening on Tuesday 28th at 7:30pm for Newbies, Beginners, Intermediates

NottingJam - 13/14/15th Feb 2015
Nottinghams First ever Dance Camp weekend and an absolute bargain at just 30 for non members - more info >here< and via facebook >here<

January 6th 2015
- We're back after 2 weeks xmas break & skiing - hopefully all limbs intact

Friday 3 - Saturday 18 October 2014.
"Propaganda Swing" at Nottingham Playhouse Theatre - Tickets: 9.50 - 28.50

The jazz scene in 1930s Berlin was one of the most vibrant and exciting in the world . a time captured brilliantly in the musical, Cabaret. But what happened to those talented singers and musicians as the Nazis. grip tightened?

LINK Propaganda Swing throws a spotlight on the gripping true story of Charlie and his Orchestra. Featuring a fantastic swing band live on stage, this enthralling show reveals the characters behind the story of how some of the greatest German jazz musicians of the day entered into a Faustian pact with the Fascists they could keep playing their beloved music at the price of seeing it corrupted for evil.
The captivating combination of WWII intrigue and drama set against a backdrop of glitz, glamour and Big Band swagger, makes Propaganda Swing a must-see show this autumn.

Sunday 19th October 2014
Hockley HustleA feast for music lovers everywhere - 400 acts, forty Nottingham venues 10. All for charity - including Homeless, Cancer Research, Refugees, Foodbanks. In previous years there have been some great Blues, Swing and Jazz acts... ...well worth putting in your diary [LINK].

Friday 24th - 25th October 2014
Nottingham Jazz Festival @ Beeston Great Lineup of acts and dancing all at Beeston in Nottingham over 2 days [LINK]

Sunday 5 Apr 2014
Teaching at Swingamajig The UKs first one-day urban festival, dedicated to Electro Swing, Vintage Sounds and Gypsy Mayhem. Swingamajig takes the sounds and styles from the 1920.s and brings them up to date with a modern twist . bringing together several thousand of the best dressed ladies and gents to party like it is 1929!

Headlined by a truly stellar lineup of live music, this looks like one of the best value events in the UK - not to be missed under any circumstances...

Sunday 2 Mar 2014
Pleased to announce a Beginners / Improvers Lindyhop 'fast track' workshop on Sunday 13th April 2014 - 3x 45+ minute classes for 10 to kick start your dancing - focussed on the Swingout / Lindy turn / Circle with elements of Charleston. We will be exploring aspects of lead/follow, footwork/timing and variations. We want this to be useful to people, so class will be kept small (not the usual 25 couples size class) and evenly balanced between leads / follows...

Friday 11 May 2018
Looking for budding musicians (from our dancey crowd) to form a bit of a Hacked together Swing / Jazz / Blues band. Not for cash, just for kicks. Needing clarinet, sax, trumpet, trombone, drums, guitar, bass, piano - other instruments as well. Idea being to create a sort of 5-pc band made of of a dozen or so amateur musicians - each with maybe 2 or 3 song parts to play so not too much to learn. This won't be the usual Big Band sound - we'll be looking to do something a bit different... Let me know on Tuesday if interested

Tuesday 4th Feb 2014
Great seeing so many of you to our first Tuesday of the month Dance. What a great atmosphere with 50+ dancers hard at it until bar-closing time. The new once-a-month format of 1Hr Beginners+ Class + Extended Social Dancing for just £3 (we all like a bargain ;-) worked beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks to guest DJ Mark. Back to regular format next week with Beginners(8-9pm), Improvers(9.30-10pm) & Intermediates(9.30-10.15pm) + social dancing sessions from 9-9.30 and 10.15-11pm

Sunday 2nd Feb 2014
Terriffic Blues Workshop with Rob & Tina Shield of SwingDanceLeeds - thanks guys, we're looking forward to kick starting a Blues-scene in Nottingham to match the diverse and expanding Swing scene that we first started way back in 2000/2001.

Thursday 16th Jan 2014
Blues Workshop places almost full with perfectly balanced numbers for leads and follows. Will close bookings this weekend. If you can't make it, please come along to the evening Social Dance from 7pm - it's only 3 - bargain

Tuesday 7th Jan 2014
We started back after our xmas / New year break - great to see such a good crowdback and welcome to all our newbies. 2014 is looking like it will be a good year. Check out the enhanced calendar - lots of new Nottingham band / dance events listed already...

Tuesday 10th Dec 2013
It's our last night of the year with our usual xmas fuddle and freebie night(bring seasonal festive munchies) We're taking discretionary donations towards Treetops Hospice as usual - any amount you want (or not at all) there will be a pot near the buffet table. We will also be holding the World Swing Dance DJ ;-) competition, with 4 entrants from the UK, and International entrants joining via Spotify to DJ remotely