FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

what should I wear?

Different things work for different people, we are not a 1940's recreation group, so clothes of the period are not required (though you're welcome to dress up if you like). Generally, flat shoes (perhaps even a change of shoes with grippy / slippy soles) and loose fitting clothes are best. The tempo can get quite heated and despite the Air Conditioning, you'll be glowing by the end of the evening.

do I need a partner?

In reality, no since we regularly rotate the class so everyone has a chance to dance with everyone else. This also works best since newbies get a chance to gain from our more experienced dancers. If you do bring a partner, this is better since it helps to keep the numbers balanced between guys and gals. We do however manage a good balance of about 20 girls to 20 guys.

do I 'have to' rotate?

Of course, some people find it uncomfortable dancing with strangers, so if you have come with a partner and want to stick with them, then thats fine by us, you'll progress a little more slowly but it's your choice...

whats the age range?

we have always been fortunate in having a very broad age mix. Our youngest is a very mature 14yrs old, our oldest a decidedly young 60-something.

do I need to book?

Nope - just turn up - people have busy lives, we don't expect you to commit to a block of classes



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